District #1 Schoolhouse

Nashua, New Hampshire

Arbor Day Festivities at the Little Red Schoolhouse

Nashua area schoolchildren were invited to attend a ceremonial tree planting at the District #1 Schoolhouse in the Old South Burial Ground on the Daniel Webster Highway on Saturday, May 5, 2012. 

The Arbor Day program included the planting of an Autumn Flame Maple Tree, poetry and songs performed by Nashua students under the direction of music teacher Pat Cauchon, an Arbor Day proclamation delivered by Alderman Mary Ann Melizzi-Golja, and an open house of the Little Red Schoolhouse. The maple tree was donated by the King's Daughters Benevolent Association who restored the schoolhouse in 1976 and have curated the school and welcomed all area 4th grades to a two-hour historical program since 1978.

Schoolchildren representing five schools attended the ceremony: Bicentennial, New Searles, Main Dunstable, Nashua Christian Academy, and Fairgrounds Middle School.

The Old South Burial Ground lost many of its grand old trees to age and weather, and the planting of this tree marked a new beginning for future foliage. 

The Autumn Flame Maple is considered the "shade tree of all shade trees," and so we will keep watch on the growth of our tree that has the potential of a trunk four feet wide and a height of 40-60 feet!

To view a video slide show, start below: