District #1 Schoolhouse

Nashua, New Hampshire

Little Red Schoolhouse
Located in the Old South Burying Ground in Nashua, New Hampshire, the 1841 District #1 Schoolhouse stands as a testament to the 80 years it served as a suburban public school. Since its restoration in 1976 for the Bicentennial of the United States, the little brick schoolhouse has welcomed scholars from Nashua and neighboring towns for a two-hour re-living history program. Members of The King's Daughters Benevolent Association volunteered their time and resources to the renovation of this schoolhouse treasure.

Each spring and fall, 4th grade students return to the days of reading, writing, and arithmetic, the wood burning stove, dip ink pens, slates and slate pencils, recitation lessons, and in some cases, the hickory stick! The "schoolmarm" at the head of the class continues to instruct her pupils, who once spanned a range of ages, grades, and ability levels. Here at the schoolhouse, history comes alive and visitors often say,

"This is the best field trip I've ever been on!"

This site is dedicated to the District #1 School, the devoted teachers who educated children in similar schools across the nation, and the countless scholars whose parents dreamed of better lives for their children. 

Explore the history, photographs, and timeless tales that help us bring the one-room story to our visitors. 

Learn of the program offered at the little schoolhouse in the cemetery.

Read of the renewed interest in the preservation and restoration of our remaining one-room country schools in the United States. You'll agree that Nashua preservationists were ahead of their time!

District #1 Schoolhouse
Daniel Webster Highway
Nashua, New Hampshire