Dear 4th Grade Teachers,
As the schoolmarms of Nashua’s Little Red Schoolhouse, we welcome you to participate once again in a living history experience! The trip to the Little Red Schoolhouse is an annual spring event for Nashua's 4th graders and it is truly an experience they will never forget!

Visitors from Bedford, Hollis, and Brookline, NH attend classes in the fall months.

The schoolhouse and the two-hour program have been sponsored and maintained by the King's Daughters Benevolent Association since 1976. We look forward to scheduling your classes once again!

Nashua 4th grade teachers will receive their schedules for confirmation by January of each year.

When you visit the Little Red Schoolhouse with your class, you will turn back the hands of time when mills were active in Nashua and farms dotted the landscape. Set in the midst of the Old South Burying Ground in South Nashua, the 1841 schoolhouse has been restored to its original appearance where students will experience lessons from the mid 19th century. 

The “Schoolmarm” or "Schoolmaster" of the day will greet the students at the front doors and transport them back to the days of the wood burning stove, slates and slate pencils, primary readers, recitation, and dip ink pens. Our scholars will experience two hours of history and simulated lessons from 1842, when the school first opened. They will enter the school in two lines, boys’ line and girls’ line and “make their manners” to the schoolmarm.

Once inside, students will share desks with a partner, girls on one side of the room, boys on the other. Teachers may relax and enjoy their time in observation, but might be called upon to assist in handing out materials. 

Students will be busy with their new schoolmarm for the full two hours, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The end of the sessions will take place in the cemetery for a bit of history (weather permitting).

We promise a memorable and educational trip and look forward to your visit!

Regards from your schoolmarms and schoolmaster, 

Susan Fineman, Jean Paul, Anne Malavich, and Ralph Sommese

Nashua, New Hampshire

District #1 Schoolhouse

Some Helpful Hints for Our Teachers...

1. Beginning in the Spring of 2014, one class will be scheduled each day. Start time for this class is 9:30 a.m. and it lasts until 11:30 a.m. The students may bring their lunches to eat on the grounds, if weather permits, and we trust clean-up will be complete. The bus company should be told that the program is two hours in length. Please make arrangements with your school lunch staff for flexibility on the day of your visit.

* The contact person for each City of Nashua school must make the arrangements for the buses for all classes, but the King's Daughters Benevolent Association will pay for the transportation. The bus company bills the King's Daughters directly. This applies only to Nashua schools.

2. The schoolhouse is open for Nashua 4th grade school visits from late March through May. For our surrounding towns, the schoolhouse is open from late September through mid- November. Dress warmly if the weather is still very cool. There is no central heat in the schoolhouse, but we do light a fire in the woodstove! Be sure to have students bring sweaters or sweatshirts for the cooler weather. We burn wood, but it can be very chilly! 

3. There are no bathroom facilities at the schoolhouse, but in case of emergencies, Walgreen's is across the street from the schoolhouse. Our neighbor  Walgreen's has been very patient, but they have to UNLOCK a door to allow use of the bathroom and that is inconvenient when short staffed. A chaperone will have to accompany students to bathroom emergencies. Please allow a full bathroom break before coming to the schoolhouse. 

4. Feel free to dress in the fashion of the day. Girls wore long skirts, aprons, puff sleeved blouses, shawls, bonnets or wool scarves. Boys wore overalls, plaid shirts, suspenders, knee length pants, wide brimmed hats, caps, and vests.

5. Lunches in 1842 may have included: hard boiled eggs, cold boiled potatoes, chunks of cheese, cold sausage, bread, cornbread, apples, water.

6. We welcome as many chaperones as you would like to invite, but to maintain order, cell phones and conversations must be "quieted" for the two hour session.

7. Feel free to take as many photographs as you'd like as this is a once in a school-lifetime historical opportunity.

8. Please bring Handi-Wipes for cleaning ink from fingers! 

9. For all Non-Nashua schools, the donation is $1.00 per student and $1.00 per chaperone. This donation is used for upkeep and supplies.

10. We thank you for your interest and look forward to your visit!

Directions from the North:
From Route 3 South, take Exit 1, Spit Brook Road. Take a left off the exit and proceed to the end of Spit Brook Road. Take a left at Barnes & Noble and you are on the Daniel Webster Highway. Continue about ¼ of a mile and the Schoolhouse is on your left at the first light. Take a left at this light. Pull your buses up against the chain link fence just past the schoolhouse to disembark. Students will be called into the building by hand-bell.